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Selectexotics Savannica of Savannicas
F1 Savannah Queen (50 % Serval), silver-spotted-tabby
F1 Savannah Cat (50 % Serval)
A1Savannahs Saharah of Savannicas
Born: September 24, 2002
Generation: F1 Savannah (50 % Serval)
Colour: Silver-spotted-tabby
Father: Derk African serval
Mother: Snowwhite

    The first silver F1 Savannah female in Europe

    We are proud to present this little big darling on our web site. Saharah was chosen only some days old at the famous A1Savannah Cattery from Joyce Srouve in Oklahoma. Joyce earned everybody's respect not only with her wonderful looking cats but as well with the great socialisation work she does on the kittens she raises - and Saharah is a perfect example for this. We are so much obliged to Joyce that allowed us to have this very special girl that delights us not only with her marvellous outlook, but as well with her irresistible temperament. She purrs, gives head -butts, plays fetch and is a great lap-cat. She loves our children - without knowing any small humans from where she was born and is very easy going with the other cats - a real purrrsonality plus cat, that hasn't ever met a stranger! Something one can not always expect when getting an F1. We hope that she will be a tremendous asset to our breeding program when she's old enough. Until then she eats the bottom out of the food bowl and keeps on growing like weed.

    Coming into our cattery at the age of 4, 5 months she is as big as our F2 Savannica (ok, Savannaica is heavier...) - let's see how huge she will be when she is matured. At five months the scale showed 4, 8 kilos, that only consist of muscles and looong bones. Stay tuned for the next photos of this precious darling!

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A1Savannahs Saharah of Savannicas

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