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Selectexotics Savannica of Savannicas
F2 Savannah Queen (25 % Serval), black-spotted-tabby
F2 Savannah Cat (25 % Serval)
Selectexotics Savannica of Savannicas
Born: March 10, 2002
Generation: F2 Savannah (25 % Serval)
Colour: Black-spotted-tabby
Father: Selectexotics Cheetah
Mother: Selectexotics Mali, F1 Savannah

    With Savannica a dream came true - a beautiful F2 female - for breeding - because I thought we should raise our own spotted beauties,... Savannica gave the name for our cattery of savannahs that we are starting now. We are proud TICA members in the Savannah-breed section.

    We were lucky and had no difficulties with the authorities in the US and here in Germany to get all the permissions we needed and so "Biep-Biep" could start her journey over the Atlantic. She is a very pleasing and handsome Lady and was home here with us from the day she came into the household. Giving head butts and doing her tail fluffs as soon as she gets hold on anyone here in the house, she';s just a pleasure to have. Her nick name "Biep-Biep" she got at the first day from my little two years old daughter Julia who was so amazed of the sounds that Savannica made when I lifted her carrier into our car that she only said "Biep-Biep" pointig with her fingers at the kennel: Then she sticked her tiny fingers into the kennel and Savannica started licking them - that was the beginning of an intense friendship in between a small baby girl and a quite young but as well quite big Savannah female.

    Savannica is a very sweet family member and we really have to thank Holly and dale from Select exotics cattery who allowed us to live with this exotic beauty and who did obviously a wonderful job in socialising the kitten.

    Savannica meanwhile even made friends with our 160 pounds heavy striped dog "Schlappi" - and that is something as she never saw a dog during her childhood in the states - it took some weeks but now the big spotted cat is close friend to the big striped dog. New photos of those two will be shown soon here on our homepage.

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Selectexotics Savannica

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