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Virginia's Ashiki Azima of Savannicas
F3 Savannah Queen (12,50 % Serval), black-spotted-tabby
F3 Savannah Cat (12,50 % Serval)
Virginia's Ashiki Azima of Savannicas
Born: Februar 22, 2002
Generation: F3 Savannah (12,50 % Serval)
Colour: Black-spotted-tabby
Father: Jungelbook Tatoo, Bengal BS
Mother: New Horizon Tansania, Savannah F2

    Because of her unique voice we call this little spotted beauty Shakira. She brought the savannah fever into our home, as I had the chance to get a photo shooting at the home of Ernst Neubauer who cares for New Horizon Tansania a F2 female from Joyce Srouve. Tansania had five kittens at that time - and they were simply amazing. As a part of my job I have photo-sessions with different breeds all year round - and usually I'm quite happy to return home to my Norwegian Forest cats and I really do not miss anything - but with the Savannahs it was different,... I knew that we need a Savannah to make our family complete! And I was lucky, because the female that stole my heart during the visit at Mr. Neubauer's home was for sale. Some weeks later we fetched the little spotted kitty home - and she was adopted at once by one of the Norwegian Forest Cat females who nursed her until she was almost half a year old.

    "Shakira" is something very special and the whole family loves this marvellous cat.

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