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A1Savannahs Chui of Savannicas
F5 Savannah Stud, golden-spotted-tabby
F5 Savannah Cat - Stud
A1Savannahs Chui of Savannicas
Born: August 6, 2002
Generation: F5 Savannah Cat
Colour: Golden-spotted-tabby
Father: New Horizon Scat Cat (F5 Savannah)
Mother: A1Savannah Tiffney (F4 Savannah)

    Chui means leopard in Swahili and that was what he reminded me of when I got his first photos. A wild looking cat with a sweet temperament and that's what he is: the kind of cat that you have to love. Always friendly, always purring - a cat that always wants to have intense contact. He prefers sleeping on a human shoulder and has never used his claws or teeth in an undesirable way. We are proud to own one of the very view Savannah males in fifth generation that are out of SV to SV breeding. Breeding results in the US have shown, that the offsprings of those males combined to SV females are just great in type - so we are looking very much forward to the first litter he will sire for us.

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